27 May

anon enters China’s veterinary marketmo Canon software

anon, the Japanese multinational imaging and optical products maker, announced its official entry int o Chinese animal medical treatment market, marking the company’s further step in expanding its business from camera to medical equipment. At the 11th East and West Small Animal Veterinary Conference in Xiamen held from M ay 20 to May 23, Canon
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26 May

Chinse market is very large, although the United State

To encourage and accelerate the deployment of hydrogen energy and promote sustainable growth, China plans to build four “hydrogen corr idors” in the Yangtze River Delta region based on the expressway network in the area by 2021, with additional hydrogenation infrastructure facilities linking cities in the region. The four corridors will link Shanghai, Suzhou, Nantong,
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20 May

Zhang Ziyi returns to Hollywood in Godzilla sequel

Zhang Ziyi, one of the most internationally recognized Chinese film stars, is returning to Hollywood in the upcoming film Godzilla: King of the Monsters. During a recent interview with domestic reporters, Zhang said her characters, a couple of twin scientists, have rich personalities. “She (one of her roles) is not a stereotypical character. The director didn’t
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19 May

The total amount of hidden debt waiting to be swapped

 has not yet been calculated, as this round of debt swaps will not involve the government’s administrative orders, but depen ds on the market’s appetite based on the evaluation of the potential default risks and the companies’ solvency,” he said. A possible measure to reduce the hidden debt would be to separate the government-owned assets
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15 May

The guideline proposes streamlining the setup proces

for private clinics by lifting the restrictions on such clinics set by the country’s medical institution planning system. Those who apply to run their own clinics can practice medicine as long as they a re on record with local health administrations, eliminating the previous approval procedure which usually took a long time. Doctors who have
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6 May

Prudent monetary policy and proactive fiscal policy

y will strengthen domestic demand as well as promoting exports and GDP growth for China ‘s trade partners, Sheng told China Daily in an exclusive interview on Tuesday. The “prudent monetary policy” will be properly managed — neither to o tightly nor too loosely — thus avoiding massive liquidity injections wh ile maintaining liquidity at
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